W.C. Heiam Medical Foundation

In Support of the Cook Hospital

In the past 25 to 30 years, approximately 35 hospitals in small towns all across Minnesota have closed their doors. Though some have survived by consolidating, most have dissolved – their staffs absorbed by larger medical centers and HMOs.

In spite of challenges and its location in a town of less than 1,000, the Cook Hospital in Cook, Minnesota, is defying the accepted fact that health care facilities can’t survive in small communities. Dedicated to individualized attention as well as state-of-the-art, high-quality medical services, the hospital is a product of a community that recognizes value and refuses alternatives.

At the W.C. Heiam Medical Foundation, we work to support the Cook Hospital because we understand that health care is an integral component of community and economic development.

Even though the Cook Hospital is a thriving example of what is possible when a community bands together, the facility still struggles to make ends meet. A district-owned and legislatively formed body, the hospital can levy taxes for capital improvements, but has no means to fund the continual investments that must be made in high-tech equipment and outreach programs.

The role of the W.C. Heiam Medical Foundation is to help the Cook Hospital fulfill its vision to continue increasing the quality and scope of services available. Currently, the foundation’s financial worth is approximately $1.8 million, which is invested conservatively by a professional financial advisor. In order to make a greater and truly sustaining annual contribution, the foundation must increase its base to $2 million. On such equity, sizable interest dollars could be generated each year, allowing the foundation to increase in contributions.

Your support can help the Cook Hospital continue to provide the highest level of health care for everyone.

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