W.C. Heiam Medical Foundation

About the Cook Hospital

Today, the Cook Hospital is a vibrant and critical medical community with a vision to grow and improve into the future. Located in both a Medically Underserved Area (MUA) and a Health Profressional Shortage Area (HPSA), the facility serves a winter population of approximately 5,000 and a summer population near 12,500.

The first line of wilderness medicine, the hospital treats hundreds of vacationers and summer residents each year – for conditions from lightning strikes and embedded fish hooks to sprained ankles and broken arms.

Acclaimed by regional and statewide residents alike, the Cook hospital is known for quality care and personal attention that supersede the status quo. Many people take assurance in the hospital’s presence as well as its transfer agreements with larger hospitals in cities like Hibbing, Virginia, and Duluth.

Additionally, the hospital plays a crucial economic role, employing 145 people from Cook and the surrounding area.

You may contact the Cook Hospital at CookHospital@cook.sisunet.org.